Laura Alfano

Evoking feelings of new possibilities is my daily practice - whether I’m showing homes to prospective buyers, consulting a brand client or practicing yoga. Starting with the scent of Onira deeply inspires me and those around me to feel the vast potential. Wherever I go, people ask, “what is that fresh scent you’re wearing?” I can finally tell them my secret, Onira!
Laura Alfano, Live Coast to Coast Realtor®

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20 Beauty and Wellness Projects You Should Try Now
This enchanting oil in a roller ball smells deliciously intoxicating. We have used it as a perfume and for tranquility. Some oils that help relax you don’t smell good, but this pure blessed essential oil is the right blend of Paris Rain with Lilly of the Valley extract and is often our go-to to put on before bed. Alcohol-free, Oniro Oil encourages you to annoint yourself while saying your own mantra or intention for the day. Their “dream” goal setting is also in partnership with My Saint, My Hero – wearable blessed inspirational jewelry.
Melissa Curtin, Blogger, LALAScoop

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